Employee Onboarding and Data Analytics

Why an Employee Onboarding Program Must Provide Statistical Feedback to Be Effective

Employee Onboarding and Data Analytics

It’s no secret that there has been a revolution in statistical research and application in the last decade. Analytics now guide everything from baseball teams to websites recommended to us to who social media sites believe should be our friends. Within the business realm, analytics help to hone production techniques, target advertisements, and anticipate new market trends.

But there’s another way in which statistical information can help a business succeed. Data analytics provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of an employee onboarding solution, telling managers what is working and what is not. Moreover, it sheds light on those employees that might need a little more instruction or on those safety procedures that are being neglected.

An ideal training program is able to generate concrete, analytical feedback that allows managers to see plainly where they need to direct their attention. For example, it may compile every employee’s score on a safety training quiz and show that 45% of employees miss a question about proper ladder use. The manager, then, can make a special point of re-training her team and ensuring that they know that information.

It can also show that a given employee has had to re-take the same quiz four times because he continuously fails it. Seeing this, his supervisors know that he requires some additional training and can put together a learning plan to ensure retention. Either way, the end result is an employee who knows what is expected and is better set up to be successful.

In addition to providing data reports of its own, the onboarding program should be evaluated alongside your own company’s statistics. Are you employees doing their jobs the way they are supposed to? Are your numbers, whether they are of sales, accidents, or efficiencies, going up or down? What is happening to your levels of satisfaction, both of employees and of customers? This cross-analysis allows you to more fully understand the developmental needs of each employee.

In these ways, employee onboarding and data analytics merge to provide you with the information you need to maximize the efficiency of your employees.


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